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So ive been asked to do a red velvet wedding cake covered in white fondant -- im going to crumb coat in a Mock Cream or  Buttercream Frosting.... anyway......does anyone have a recipe i can use for the cream cheese filling? its going to be sitting int he fridge until i cover it with fondant but then itll be out of the fridge for about 18-24 hours while i decorate it.....   so i need anon-perishable or non-fridge needed cream cheese frosting.....   argh ....   i see...
ok so i took out out of the fridge (my fridge wasnt too cold) and covered it within like 5 minutes and had no condensation? ti was awseome i couldnt belive it worked!
what do u mean by leave it? so ill keep the ganached cake in the fridge until like seconds before i cover...then let it dry and then decorate?
Hi Ladies im in sydney and the weather is so warm ive got my aircon on so high....anyway...i covered my cakes with my white choc ganache yesterday and it didnt set not even in 12 hours so late last night i put it in the fridge.....i know this is usually a big no no but i had no choice is was so soft..   my question is that i need to cover with fondant today...the cake is still in the fridge...should i leave it in there until i need to cover? im worried about...
Hi there I'm just wondering if anyone had done the PC quick accelerate class? I'm considering that over the basics 101 class... Ps I am new to this website so I apologise if I posted in wrong area Thanks Bec from Sydney
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