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Wow that is one beautiful rose! Very real looking
Right, thanks everyone. I guess there is no comparison.. just wanted to make sure all those flowers I've done with my trusted xacto knife weren't a waste of time:-)
I was just wondering, with all the silicon flower molds that are so detailed, I can just pop a piece of gumpaste into the mold and voila! I have a nice flower! Is there such a big difference between the hand made flowers which I do all the time.. and the molds? Do you think the molds can do the same job?
Thanks! I appreciate it
Hi, 2 days ago someone posted a picture of a swimming pool cake. Today I got an order for one, and I am looking for the picture or for the person who did it and cant seem to find it. Can anyone help me?? Was a round pool, really neat job on pebbles and grass.. .chairs, umbrella and flip flops nearby. I think there was a towel draped over the pool. I would love to ask the person who did it a few questions. Thanks ns
Yes I did the same cake here it is...sorry uploaded the wrong pic
Hi, I am new to this forum and was looking around how much I can charge for this cake. Found this here I am. I quoted 70$ for the cake and my customer thinks I'm overpricing her! She doesn't realize that although its smallish.. .the flowers took really a lot of time. I used over 300 flowers. Made from gumpaste, and dusted each with pearl dust! Wits do u say?
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