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I have to make 350 cupcakes and wanted frosting suggestions.   I am looking to make a frosting that is relatively quick to make and tastes light.    Buttercream might be too heavy for my liking.   I will make the frosting one to three days before the event.   Do you suggest making the frosting 3 days before the event?   Some thoughts I have are italian buttercream or cream cheese frosting? 
Yes, I am looking for cake mixes not cake flours sorry.   Do you guys know of any cake mixes I can buy that come out moist? Or maybe somethign I can add to cake mixes to make it moist?    I need to make 300 cupcakes the day before and want to make sure they stay moist.
I haveto make 130 roses for cupcakes.  I need them to be easy and durable.    Do you suggest I use fonant, gumpaste, or a mixture of both of them.    Also, what brand fondant or gumpaste would you recommend.  
I need to make 300 cupcakes June 18th in Chicago.    I do not want to experiement and make it from scratch.  Does anyone have any recommendations on ready made specialty cake flour that professional baker's buy or any brands I can buy. It would also be good if I can just buy it online, any recommendations?   Also, does anyone have any light icing ideas?  I am not a fan of buttercream since its so rich.   Any suggestions on what I can add to the already made...
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