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Thanks for your detailed replyK8memphis :)
Hello Cake central :)   If you have an order for cupcakes are your clients expecting, American buttercream frosting or any other buttercream? I really don't like how sweet americal buttercream is, and in fact when I make it, I make it with half the sugar I see in most recipes. I much prefer swiss buttercream and use this to fill and cover my cakes. Is it acceptable to use swiss buttercream or are people expecting the American option because of its...
Thanks everyone... another little quesions.. how long do you think you can keep a cake with cream cheese frosting out of the fridge?
Hello Cake Central,    I have a questions, I want to cover a Red Velvet cake in fondant, the general advice is to fill with cream cheese frosting, then either ganache or buttercream under fondant... NOW my question is, if cream cheese frosting needs refrigeration and fondant cannot be refrigerated without harm them how does it work?   I would REALLY appreciate your ADVICE on this one :)
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