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Thank you for the help appreciate it
Hello ladies how are you all. I have a birthday cupcake order for a 3 years old girl and she is allergic to all dairy products I was googling for a good frosting recipe but I wasn't sure. I want to know if any of you have tried any good dairy free frosting recipe ? I'll appreciate if you can share it with me.. thank you and have a nice day
thank you all for your help i think im gonna bake them and decorate them 2 days before the party and when they are done i'll wrap them will. this way they'll have them fresh
good morning my friends i want to make some sugar cookies decorated with some royal icing for a baby shower party. i need to know how long does the sugar cookies last? thank you all and appreciate your help
ddaigle thank you so much this was so helpful thank you CWR41
hello everyone hope you are all well. i am new at a 3 tier cakes this will be my first one to do so i need to learn from the best i need to know something. when i make the cakes 10 , 8 , 6 inch cakes do i need to put them on cakeboards at the same size and put them on each other with the cakeboards or no need for the 8 & 6 inch cakeboards? i usually use dewels only for a two tier cakes. so can u pls tell me what is the best way to put on 3 tier cake. thank you
how much does it cost to ship to dubai pls ??
thank you mmmmmmmmmmcake1954
good morning ladies. i was looking for a very long time for edible writing pens that comes in many colors i live in uae in dubai and i was wondering if anyone knows where i can find them . appreciate your help, and thx alot.
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