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hey everyone, I finally did the cake and im just gona upload a pic, turned out better than i expected :) thanks for all the advice from each of you i really appreciated it
your cake cake turned out really well taraedgington :) well done
This is pretty much like the cake i want to make it looks great :) I have the date finally for the cake so i should have it up by the 13th july, hopefully it turns out well lol thanks for posting :)
Hey taraedgington, good luck with your cake I think for the template you could print it off from your computer once you have sized it up to what you need, I have heard that you could buy special printer edible ink and edible paper to use in a printer but its quite expensive and you would need a printer that has not been used as a normal printer as the ink would be compromised and inedible, I have also read you could print out your desired picture and on the back using a...
Hey AllaMarie, your cakes are great thanks so much for posting :))
Hey bighand,  I'm in Cork :)  
Hey JM Cake Craft, thanks so much for that it looks great :) thanks for the advice :)
Heyy bighand, thanks so much :) your cakes are amazing!! where in Ireland are ya?
Hey JM Cake Craft, I went lookin for your cake pic but for some reason i cannot find it maybe im doing something wrong im still slowlyyy getting used to this site lol, Thank you so much for taking the time to read my thread and post your advice, I was worried no one would post lol, your cakes by the way are amazing as are Delicious desserts!
Delicious desserts, Thank you soo much for all your guidance in this the cake, It is not to be made untill july but i like to know what im doing and how i will do it and practice a lil bit, I honestly cant tell you how grateful i am for your help here. Hopefully it will turn out great :)
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