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hi guys  thank u for the helpfull reviews ... i found the perfect glass to use ... and made a test of making a single shrimp and it looked perfect ^_^ Sadly the customer postponed the order a few month so now i guess ill have to wait ...
Thank u so much theresa ^_^ Im so excited to give this a try as soon as possible
hi theresa .. thank u so much for ur feedback , yes i love the table top idea and im lookin for a plastic martini glass to use (i think glass would be too heavy right ? ) , coz they use glass martii glasses to serve here ... anyway ... i was trying to figure out what RKT means lol is it like rice crispies ? coz i was thinking of shaping fondant or rice crispies and then pooring some colored piping gel on them to give the sauce effect ? as for the lettus ... i was...
Well she wants it to look like the dynamite shrimp ... Normal chocolate cake flavor ... She doesnt even mind if i make the cake as a base and a fondant dynamite shrimp on top
hiii everyone ... im new here so i hope im posting this in the right place i have a cake order but im not really sure how to do it lol she wants a PF chang's Dynamite shrimp cake !!! ive been thinking of ideas but i dont like anything so far anyone have any idea how i can do it any suggestion would be highly appreciated ..... Hik
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