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hi everyone, thanks for all your help. i used one of the recipes in the end given by one of the memebers for a wonderful buttercream, did the base by itself, mixed the middle layer with fresh strawberries, and the top with dark choclate. one of the best i have ever made. thanks not bad for my first cake, with three tiers. thanks again
okay another question, can i mix in strawberriws to the butter cream, has anyone tried it. I always make butter cream with 500gms of icing sugar, 250gms butter and then add artificial flavour. I know it may be a silly question, sorry before hand. thanksxxxxxxxxxxx  
Thank you for all your help. i am using dowels for layering the cake. the problem is that i live in spain and really cannt use a lot of things because of the heat. this sight is brilliant. i will be in here a lot from now on. xxxx
hi. im new to this page and new to the cake decorating. im trying make a three tied cake for my daughter but have found that the buttercream filling is to sweet. im covering the cake with fondant so i need a tough filling. any help much appriciated.
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