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Thanks gonna try this one too and see which one I like best!
 Thank You will try this one!
Do you call it maybe "butter cake".
Hello all!  I need a tried & true moist yellow cake recipe. I have been using the 1234 cake recipe the flavor is always good but sometimes the cake comes out dry. HELP!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks Y'all good to know!  She was gonna purchase fake flowers to put on the cake I believe.
Thanks for the input!  She must have thought I was to expensive cause she never called back.
I was trying to base my pricing on about $2 per serving cause they just wanted buttercream. They also wanted each layer to be a different flavor, but I guess that's what happens when you try to do a favor for a friend! Thanks for the info!   PS Love the cake calculators!
Thanks!  I quoted them $300 and suffice it to say I have not heard back.
The recipe 1cup shortening flavor or not 7-8 tsp water one box confectioners sugar
I use the Wilton class buttercream and I use water and it last a few weeks in the fridge! I'm a newbie too!
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