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Absolutely! The cream cheese frosting (mine anyway) isn't as sweet so I think it makes a great compliment. 
 I know some do it for the experience but I think a lot of people just don't know any better. Or at least that is my opinion. $1 a serving isn't going to cover your costs when you factor in things outside of just flour and butter. When you run a storefront I would hope those are things that you understand. Otherwise you aren't going to last very long. The costs will eat you alive. 
 Unfortunately not. I think she is still doing her at home prices even though she has a store front. At least that is the closet thing I can come up with. She had quite a following before opening apparently. Her cakes are delicious so she really could afford to charge so much more. That banana cake was the best cake banana cake I have ever had. Made from scratch and no artificial, fake taste to it at all. So good. 
 It must be something along those lines because I can't see it working for her any other way! Not sure what her prices for everything else are but I imagine it is more of the same. 
No sugar sheets!!! They are disgusting and so not worth the $4 a sheet. I used them once and they tasted horrible and weren't really as edible as they are meant to be. Everyone pulled them off of the cake and into the trash they went. Personally, I would pipe it. Cheetah and leopard and such easy prints I would probably just pipe it. If you don't feel like you can, definitely an edible image.  
My most used is the circle. I can use them to make mini cakes (the three tiered minis), fondant toppers, cookies, anything really. 
You can make the umbrella and stick the skewer in it while it is soft. Let it harden up and it should be fine to stick in a cake. You will need to do it way ahead of time so that it hardens in time. How long ahead of time depends on how thick it is. You can use the invitation as a template. 
 Exactly! At my local grocery store it is about $3.50 and half the size. Her decorating skills are lacking but it was delicious. I would have paid way more, especially for a piece that size. She is robbing herself. She had an at home business before she opened up the store front so she had a decent following before she opened. She sells out of most everything by the end of the day. I went in about 30 minutes before closing and there were only 3 cupcakes, a muffin, and a...
So, a new bakery just opened in my town on Labor Day weekend. I had a bunch of cooking to do for this weekend so I decided to stop in and get a slice of cake for my husband so I wouldn't have to bake anything. I literally asked "that's it?" when she told me the price. 8 in round cake, the slice she gave me was just shy of 1/4 of the whole cake and my grand total after tax..$1.33!!! What??
 You can do it with any frosting that pipes well. 
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