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Thank you! I definitely will
All Criticism is welcome I really want to be good at this. Please any advice would be helpful..thanks
I don't know what I'm doing wrong, does everyone who has those perfect even straight sides and smooth fondant use ganache? Maybe im using the wrong cake pans because my cakes are never even. I use Wiltons 3" pans.. anyway I did a smooth crumb coat with buttercream and the fondant seemed to push it all to the bottom, it looked as it was sagging.. another issue is I spray cooking spray so my fondant doesn't stick, but I get these air holes all over my Fondant, kinda looks...
So basically I need to have her make payments Before the cake is due, I had the impression as if she wanted to make payments After she received the cake. But I'll email her to better understand what she meant. Thanks
Ok so I've never had a problem getting payments, I always accept the rest of the payments on pick up date. No problems so far, Well I gave a quote of $185 for an order 2 8" birthday cakes and 1 dozen cupcakes. All for next month, The response I got was ,"ok & That's for all my orders?" And I said yes but also repeated the order back to her. Next I get an email saying "ok that's fine but I'm going to give you money little by little because it's all for one month." I still...
I'm using the Wilton Chart so I divide my Total cost by 12 for a 6"? I'm guessing I do that for every size so I will have different prices or am I doing this all wrong.?
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