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What I really wanted it for was templates for cupcake toppers so that I can print different images on each topper instead of having to do all 12 the same. Do any of ye know a way around this, im by no means technically minded at all !!!! And howsweet your right kopy cake is very frustrating !!! I have been using word and even Instaframe to do round images. Have not used photoshop but will now
Hi can anyone recommend good software to use with my edible printer ?? I currently have kopy kake which is very very basic, I have looked on line and seen a few but would like to know which one ye think is best before I purchase Thanks Andie
Golden syrup also comes in plastic squeeze bottles so much hander and less messy then the tin !! Cos it's so thick and sticky if you lightly grease your measuring spoon it should come of easier. And it's lovely in gingerbread men
Hi thanks to ye all for the advise, I airbrushed my suitcase cake last night ( I was just itching to do it ). Wish I had seen your comments about the alcove, haha still cleaning up, but I don't mind I just loved it !!! It really is just brilliant it completely changes the cake. I forgot to take a before picture (in my inpatients to get started ) Thanks for the tip about the leather look will definitely try that cakeballer85, the book of spells is fantastic, might...
Hi I have only used sugarveil ones before and I had the same problem, but it did eventually sort of become manageable. There is another product think its called sweet lace and its pre made up and comes in a wee bucket haven't had a chance to try it yet. It did say some where that you can put the lace in the oven at a very low temp with fan off sorry I can't remember the temp or for how long. Hope you get sorted
Thanks have just crumb coated the cake and have coloured the icing so will cover it and tonight and will spray tomorrow, thanks for taking the time to reply x
Hi, I got an airbrush kit a while back and haven't used it yet, I'm a bit nerves (and excited ) so any tips would be great appreciated. I'm doing a suitcase cake and want to use it on that, do I just leave my fondant white and add all my details or do I colour it a light shade of brown ?? To create a worn look on the suitcase do I use a darker colour brown or do I just add more layers of colour ???? I really haven't a clue Thanks Andie
Hi, I'm going making a Noah's arch cake and was just going to carve a 9x12 cake into the shape, but I was wondering if anyone has any other ideas for and oval shape. Thanks
Hi i make a chocolate raspberry, marshmallow and white chocolate chip cake, and recently was considering a non chocolate version I haven't tried it yet,,, Almond raspberry marshmallow (kind of Bakewell tart meets gooey marshmallow in an almond sponge )
I have dowelled the cake with drinking straws put down a small thin cake board and then covered it with the buttercream and them placed my figures on that. Hidden support!! but do tell who every the cake is for about the board
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