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The Sweet Shoppe 10920 Planteside Dr. 502-261-0798 They rent by the hour (not sure of the price) and unlimited time by the month is $200. I have been there once last week. Amazing I love it there.
i completely forgot that the recipe on the back of the CK isomalt bag called for distilled water but i dont have any. Will tap water do the trick?
well i went out a got my marshmellows and melted about 8 oz to compensate for the difference i didnt have lastnight. After I added  black to it I noticed that it wasn't smooth...  it almost looks crater looking.    More marshmallows ????
 LOL    vgcea  you sound like my husband cause his response to this situation was almost up until you said again!  I probably do need some rest.   i wasn't expecting to substitute the marshmallows with corn syrup but thought if I added it to the MMF I already have made with the rest of the marshmallows it would somehow work.  I obviously don't know and that is why i asked.      scrumdiddlycakes   i have extra powered sugar but not enough marshmallows to bother making a...
ohhhhhhhhhhhh no I only had 4 bags? I don't have the car my hubby is at work.    If I added extra corn syrup do you think that would work? ANyone!
lack of sleep affects me in the worst way.  I thought it was weird cause i opened 2  - 10 oz bags. i googled (how many cups are in 16 ounces of mini marshmallows)  and I got 8ozs is 1 cup.   ugh!!!!!!!!!!    yes i used a total of 6 cups.................... so irritated! Thank you guys..... off to melt more marshmallows Thank you guys...
a little update...... so i added more water to a section of the MMF and it gets mushy sticky mess. So to try and fix it I add more powdered sugar but it still seems to crumble a little. I'm used to smoothing fondant out with crisco'd up hands. Is it possible that I miss calculated the marshmallows and i need to add more?
I don't know what i did wrong.  I tripled this  MMF recipe that I have 16 ounces mini marshmallows -i had 10 oz MM bags and used 2 cups for get 16 oz=6 cups to mean it seems like i alway 2-5 tblsp water 2lbs icing sugar 1 tblsp vanilla extract 11/2 tblsp clean corn syrup     . I only added about 12 tblspns of water total and for some reason it seems that only 4 lbs of the sugar was enough.   I tried added alittle more water then about another cup of powder...
Thanks leighandre   I am not sure what i will do yet.
Does anybody know if melting small portions of the sugar crystal  (to make gems).  Or melt them and then maybe pour them in the gem candy mold?     I know what the other options are but however... i don't have enough time since a lot of the other ways.... the right ways are very time consuming. 
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