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Love the embroidery on that cake! Beautiful colours... And that pie just looks delish... We don't eat enough sweet pie in our house!How many cakes do you do per weekend?I only do one a week, sometime two but that really pushes me - I run an online business from home as well as two small kids so time is not abundant!This is my one for this week - peppa pig, done to death I'm sure!First attempt at balloon, so I'm quite pleased
Goodness Cat... What a week! Thoughts and prayers with all of you. I've had a couple of weeks off, house hunting etc so glad not to have cake pressures to add to it. It's my friends baby shower today, and I am gifting her this cake:
Yum @Laetia!
Finished!!   I am caked out now... My childhood memories cake - Rainbow Brite, Care Bears and Strawberry Shortcake. Though nobody remembers Rainbow Brite!! If hadn't have had enough of it, I would have done a Strawberry figure too....  
Cazza - amazing! So stunning Cat, love the take on the ruffles! Freesia, YUM is all I can say How cool are those sun sunglasses! And the frozen "backdrop" This week the plan was a computer geek cake for an 11 year old going on 50 bless him. I ordered an edible print for the sides, I wanted an intricate computer motherboard, but the postman did not deliver So I ended up doing it myself. Not quite what I originally had in mind but there you go And tonight I will be...
Thank you so much Means a lot coming from a cc person!
Amazing standing figure!!!
 LOVE the ice cream sundae ;) Thanks - chalkboard and writing is an edible print. I got it from Jade at The Cupcake Company, she designed it specially for me! Then I did the wooden border (chocolate fondant) and crayons in fondant.
I love photography cat (seeing not doing!) so I'm going to take a look at your blog Hawaii is on my bucket list - a bit further for me than for you guys! Few for me this week, at the same time as my house sale falling through... It all happens at once right?! Sorry if the pic is sideways, I'm on my phone and can't work out how to move it! All Thank you teacher / childminder cakes as it's the last week of term here. Look forward to seeing everyone's creations x
Love love love the horses!
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