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Will these alter the flavor? do you leave your icing out or refrigerate it?
I have never incountered this issue to this degree in ten years. This new bakery I decorate for is a little different. Buttercream:1/4 shortenening, 3/4 butter, water Colors: americolor Icings are always kept in the refrigerator and usually mixed an hour prior to use Cake is frozen night before, iced and decorated thursday for friday, friday for saturday and sunday. At other places I usually base ice and decorate the next day. Promptly after decorating it is boxed and...
ok so I visited the donut shop up the street. they have lots of unused space! only 5trays of donuts and 2/3 empty display case. I saw an oven as well. the area leases for about $10-17per sq ft. I'm wondering what a fair sublet monthly rate would be. any thoughts?
yes it would be to do cakes. this is really good advice. the shops around here bake pigs in a blanket so I'm assuming they have an oven. what about paying flat rent? I would work after their hours and provide all supplies and ingredients. would this be less complicated?
has anyone ever rented from donut shop or partnered with them? I would love your thoughts on how this has worked. monthly rental fee? commission split? thanks in advance!
My husband wants us to be protected by an LLC but I was told that since it is just me and relatively small I should be a Sole Proprietorship. Cottage food law states I can sell up to 55k from home. So what do you think I should register as? And how do I become an LLC?
These were all very helpful. I asked my coworker who also sells from home. She informed that were we not instructed to take photos of all of the cakes by the owner for the owner but for our own personal portfolios. my coworker posts all her photos to her facebook and also to our bakery facebook. I agree that I should ask what the owner would feel is best as I would want the same.  Thank you all for your help
my employer is aware I do sell from home. I covered this in the interview. but I'm not sure if the pictures of my work are usable. of course they would be ones that my employer is not using online as well.
Wealthy suburban area outside of Dallas, TX. 
I am wondering what to pay hourly for a wedding cake decorator 6 years exp. who is also a great sales person. Looking for hourly pay and commission %. Any thoughts?
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