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Hi everyone   Just wondering if anyone would be willing to share their favourite ganache recipe?   I'm looking for a recipe which doesn't need refrigeration. I live in Australia and the summer months can be quite warm (35C), so I don't know if this is even possible.   Thanks in advance   Lena
Thanks for all your replies
Yes I have used florist wire previously but for this particular design, I need it to be clear so as to be 'invisible'
Hi everyone   I'm wanting to put fondant cut out butterflies on a cake and to have them look like they are in mid-air without anything supporting them so I'm needing some sort of clear 'wire' type stuff. The only product I can seem to find is millinery wire which isn't actually wire at all, it's just firm clear plastic. Would this be suitable to use? Does anyone have any other suggestions?   Thanks in advance   Lena
Use floral wire to wire your fondant roses. This will make attaching your roses to the styro ball much easier. Make sure they are completely dry before you try to place them on the ball.   I would use a dowel rod inserted halfway into the styro ball, with the other half inserted into the top of the cake, to secure the styro ball.   Then push the wired roses into the styro ball.   You shouldn't need to cover the ball with anything if the roses are going to completely...
Thank you to everyone for their opinions and ideas!   Very much appreciated!
Thank you so much everyone for your replies!   So helpful!
 To me, it looks like a simple four petal flower cut out. Is that what dogwood is?
I've edited the post. Hopefully you will be able to see it now
Hi everyone   Just wondering if someone could tell me what technique is used to make the ruffle effect on the top tier of this cake. I've studied the photo and the best I've come up with is flower shape fondant cut outs stuck on randomly??   If anyone has any suggestions or ideas, please share!   Thanks in advance Lena    
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