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OMG!  I haven't laughed this hard in a long time!  Thank you for that!  You might want to start on a side job as a comedian!  But, seriously, you are too hard on yourself!  The end result was just fine. 
I would love that recipe if you wouldn't mind sharing!  Thank you!
What is buttercream dream?
Hi btc806:  I happened to find the recipe on another cake central forum, but there were few follow-up replyies to it.  I need a cream cheese icing/filling that does not need refrigeration and the person who posted the recipe said that he uses this recipe all the time, that it requires no refrigeration and that people are always surprised that there is no cream cheese in it.
Has anyone out there tried Bakehouse Faux Cream Cheese Buttercream icing?  If so, what was the result...did it taste like actual cream cheese icing?  Here is the recipe, but I haven't tried it:   Bakehouse Faux Cream Cheese Buttercream 6 cup powdered sugar 1/8 teaspoon salt 1 teaspoon vanilla Use whip attachment and add: 1 cup warm buttermilk (heated up gently to warm, not hot or boiling)- whip till smooth and cool add: 2-2/3 cup hi-ratio...
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