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Thank you so much for the reply! It felt like I had cooties for a minute there.;o)
I have been asked where I buy my cutters and about my icing recipe. I messed up my photos and links almost right away so I am hoping to get some help so I don't break the rules or annoy people. Is it okay to post your recipe as a comment when asked? Can I link the shops I buy my cutters from if asked? I am also trying to upload my pictures without spamming CC with too many, but I did it wrong the first time and I loaded them all to a challenge album. This time I...
That is just adorable!!
Glaze dries soft, but can also take longer to dry and is hard to do detail work with. A lot of people use glaze as a base and do detail work in royal. Glaze dries a different texture and color so I prefer royal.
I use royal and think the key is to whip for a full ten minutes. It dries hard enough to get fine details, but you can still bite into it. I think MP or the egg white is misunderstood. You really should turn it into a light merinque and it is what holds the air in your icing. My recipe is modified for where I live.  A lot of moisture or humidity will wreak havoc on your royal.(use a fan if needed) 5 oz luke warm water. 6Tbs MP 3 to 4 tsp flavor. I use emulsion...
I would make more than 200 to play it safe. With a 1000 people, they will go fast. Unless there are several vendors, then less would be okay. Maybe you could make some nuetral so that if you end up taking them home, you can still gift or freeze them. You could also do the extras as mini cookies so it doesn't take up too much, but your cookies are still there. I would hate to run out right away and you can alsways freeze any left overs.;o)
That's exactly what I wanted to know! Thank you so much!!;o)
Thank you so much. I will look that up now. I added it to my cookie photos, but will also add it to my profile. Thanks again
I am new to this forum and my only real website is my facebook page. I have looked and can't seem to find any rules that say I shouldn't link it. Do you know if this is okay? Also, any pointers on posting cookies here? Should I continue to load them in one album, or does it matter? Any advice on Cake central would be so appreciated. Thank you so much. Jacinda
I would love to see a picture when you are done! That is so funny!
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