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Forgot to post a recipe link that I will be trying this Ramadan (tomorrow in fact!) for Cardamom Cupcakes with Masala Chai frosting   I also love making Mango cupcakes with Mango Buttercream frosting. Yummy!
Ramadan Mubarak everyone!   To all of you who are wondering if Ramadan is early this year, let me confirm - yes it is early, and it gets earlier every year because it is pushed up 11 days.   And yes, the Islamic months are according to the lunar calendar. The reason for the move 11 days every year is the following:   The time of Hajj, the starting time of fast, one of the Muslims’ essential worships, are all determined based on the lunar calendar. The period...
Hmmm..well they are cooking all the way least they dont taste like raw cake batter or anything. But I kind of see your point about the liners being overfilled, at least for my chocolate cupcakes. Those are quite big cupcakes. But strangely enough, the mango ones are quite small (almost even smaller than average size), they just dont rise well. I wonder if this would be because of the batter being more liquid than usual?   Thanks for the comments!
Hey all,   I recently tried to cupcake recipes, one for mango, the other for chocolate chip cookie dough. Both start off with a mix but add other things to doctor it up (pudding mix, mango puree etc.). Both cupcakes are REALLY delicious when you taste them, but not so much. They always seem to collapse when cooling on a rack (or even when you pull them out of the oven sometimes).   My from scratch cupcakes always dome nicely.   Does anyone...
Jesyca07 - that is a GREAT idea! I have a large order coming up soon and I have frozen the baked cupcakes, but that is a worry in the back of my mind, whether or not the liners will come off. Ribbons tied around are a great backup that wont be too time consuming and still look nice.   Thanks for the idea!
Thanks! No wonder the marhsmallows were so sticky in the bowl! The fondant itself was nice and supple but we will see when it is time to use it. I will definitely add the water in next time.
Hey all,   I just made a batch of marshmallow fondant using a recipe that called for 8 oz marshmallows, 2 tbs water, 4 cups powdered sugar.   I kind of got distracted while making it and forgot to add in the water to the bowl of marshmallows during the microwaving process. It was only after I added the color, made the ball of fondant and wrapped it up in plastic wrap that I realized I had forgotten to add the water.   Right now, as the fondant sits, I don't...
Thanks for all the suggestions!
Thanks AndreasCakes..Have you tried this before? I have heard about this method as well and want to even try it on cakes covered with fondant (not with a pot of water but maybe with a steamer/iron) but haven't gotten around to it.
Hey everyone,   I would like to make about 2 dozen sugar cookies, that I will then cover in fondant and then stencil the fondant with lustre dust.   Is there a way the lustre dust can be set so that it doesn't smudge when the cookies are stacked on top of each other during storage or when presenting them?   Or is this just a bad idea to use lustre dust on fondant covered cookies LOL?   Thanks!
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