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I use foam core board all the time. Just cover with food safe paper and you can cut it to any shape or size with an exacto knife. I get it at Hobby Lobby, Michael's or Walmart. I think you may even find it at the Dollar Tree.
I put the bottom of the cake on the board (the leveled side up), add the filling and then for the top, I put the leveled side down and the bottom facing up. Hope this makes sense.
They are gypsies, also known as Travellers. This is not unusual for their culture. It said that the father paves driveways.....Has anyone heard of that scam??? They prey on elderly people and charge huge amounts of money for inferior repairs.
I googled and several sites recommend putting a half a lemon in the fridge to absorb the odor.HTHCindy
Your cake is adorable! The owl is hilarious. I bet the groom loved it.Cindy
Congratulations! Your cake is fabulous. The skull is unbelievable! The cookies are great also, very detailed!
Check out this list of gourmet cakes and fillings. is all in alphabetical order, so just scroll down. There is a peanut butter filling that is supposed to be really good.Cindy
I agree with myslady, that is too much work to do for free. Cindy
I have been watching your progress from the beginning and must admit that I too had a dirty mind when I saw the first photo......Boy was I wrong!! You did a fabulous job. You really captured him perfectly!!Are you putting him on a cake?Cindy
Hi,Can you post a link to the photo of the cake??Cindy
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