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Update, i got the lease emailed before payment. Everything went smoothly
He may be a slum lord. Hopefully that's the issue.
Its a shared conference/office I know sounds weird. He's offering me a new place in the same building now.
No I'm taking all advice into consideration, I know all risk involved.
I've read all replys and am greatful for all comments. Here's the update, I pay the deposit get a lease to look over with my lawyer come back the following day to pay the rent and sign the lease then, if i decide to rent the space. He also wants me to look at a open area with no doors but thinks it will work great so that all other clients seeing tenants in the building will notice my display cakes. I'm also allowed to use the other room when ever I need privacy. Idk what...
Said he can't send a generic lease because everyone is on the same lease and he would have to delete everyones information. He said I would get the deposit back.
When I first spoke with him he said he had a very tiny office for 120. I got to the meeting and the said he thought a bigger shared space would meet my needs because I am just holding consultations there. I told him I would be doing a little more then that. He showed me the smaller office and I agreed it would not fit my needs, you could only fit a chair in the lol. He gave me the hours that the women's group would be there. Showed me around and also said I can get a...
Thanks very much! I will see what he has to say after I mention most of the above ie deposit back in FULL. You guys are fantastic!
Great I will take a look into a few things before proceeding with this.
Rent is 120 because I am sharing with a women's group, i will check with other tenants. The part i DONT understand is why can't he draw up a lease if I have all monies up front? He said he'd be emailing it anyways.
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