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Thank you so much for all your posts, I used a metal flower nail and cooked it at 160 and it came out perfect. Thank you so much xxx
Thank you ladies I'd never thought of that, I'll give it a go xxx
Can anyone help me please? Whenever I bake a large cake (normally 4 egg mix or over) it collapses in middle about 2/3 of the way through the cooking time?! It's driving me nuts! I tend to level it off after cooking and it still tastes lovely but I can't work out why it keeps doing it? Thank you in advance xxx
Morning everyone I'm looking for a bit of advice please. I've been asked by my friend to do them a 3 tier cheesecake as their wedding cake (my first wedding cake and she's set the standard high by picking cheesecake!! Lol). Obviously fondant or any other form of icing wouldn't work so as I understand it I'm left with fruit or chocolate? I've ordered some moulding chocolate but would like to know if this is the best option and does it set hard like flowerpaste does? I...
It's only an idea and I don't know if it'll work but has anyone tried putting a drop of flavouring/rose water  into the flowerpaste? You'd only need a drop of it surely.  Sorry if its off the wall it was just an idea. :)
Sorry I just had to share how excited I am about my new cake. My niece is 10 on Monday and I'm doing her a horse cake. I've yet to do his mane so I'll take a picture when he's finished. I'm only a novice and still learning all the time. I only got into cake decorating last year flyer being given a magazine but I absolutely adore it. Am I wrong to be so excited?! Heehee
Hi I'm from the uk and I've just been to a cake show and bough 'the mat'. You roll your fondant between two sheets and it makes covering cakes and boards soooo much easier! I'm a beginner and its the best bit of equipment I've bought. Hope this helps xxx
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