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For those of you that feel the Kentucky laws are not that bad you really need to do your homework. I wanted to "Convert" a room, building or my kitchen what ever to be legal in Kentucky. I called the health dept I tried all the right avenues. I even looked into purchasing or renting a space. In order to just make cakes I have to have a water filtration system, a 500 gallon grease trap, 5 sinks count them 5 sinks and that's just the tip of the ice berg. In order to make...
No I got no where however there a young last she had a FB page for it just search face book for ky cottage food law. She is getting somewhere !!!
Ok I can't find the message again but someone posted about dry red velvet cake. They posted they gave up. I am not a red velvet fan however the recipe I found I have people coming back for more time and time again and I can promise you if taken out of the oven as soon as its done you will never have a dry RVC ! If you read this PM me an I will give you the recipe!
separator plate system
ok just checked 4 inches not always the rule but four inches would do the trick lol I did a 4sq 6 rd and it was fine but I did a 8 sq w/10 rd and it hung over. Does it have to be five tiers and do they have to be two layers per tier if so you are gonna end up with a lot of cake
wait let me check that lol
your rounds must be four inches bigger than your squares for them not to hang off
lol Jason said it better. Im better with the program at my finger tips than I am at explaining it :)
OK here I am your accountant baker lol well im not a CPA but I have been doing accounting for over 20 yrs.   Large Mixers, ovens, etc are an asset which you and your account will decide if you expense it over time or all at once. Usually this is decided around tax time lol   Spatulas, knives, tips etc would be expenses and deducted at the time of purchase because they can break, be lost, etc   Pans are both asset and expense. You usually expense it when you...
My neighbor boy ( he is turning 17 ) and I are NFL rivals I am a browns fan and he is a Bengals fan so I want to do something special for him
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