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To be honest, I don't know! If you give it a try let me know how successful it is!
Thanks for the reply. So no paper towels, would a microfibre cloth work? I've come across several articles like this that suggest soapy water is fine - is that true or am I better off using a cleaner as you suggest?
Hi All,   I've just bought a new cake cabinet for my shop but it's made of acrylic and I'm not sure of the best way to clean it - I think it's slightly different than glass?   Obviously I want it looking its best but I don't want to damage the surface either. Does anyone have any advice on what cleaner/cloth/method to use?   Thanks
I came across the most amazing, sweet, sickly recipe the other day - and it tastes divine!!   It's a multi-layer brownie style cake, with something for everyone in them. I'd certainly recommend them, just don't eat too many.   Here's the recipe and I'd love to know what you think:
Just revisited this post that i did from ages ago and it's so inspiring - I'm a bit busy now but I really want to try making my own at some point.
Me too, but I'm not very practical so anything too complicated and it all ends in disaster - as it did in one very memorable incident with a less-than-stable tiered wooden cupcake stand I once made.   I'd love to see photos of some of your creations!
Acrylic, glass, ceramic, wooden, slate - I love them!   I think a good cake stand can really make a cake. Do you agree? Who else has a collection of cake stands they use again and again?
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