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Oh wow. Thanks for sharing! I'm a little nervous now. What if I drop my cake? Still going to try it though. Love a good challenge and DH won't care if I drop it as long as it still tastes good, lol.
I want to add oreo crumbs or chocolate sprinkles to the side of a round birthday cake for my husband. I'll be using a chocolate buttercream frosting. What's the best method to get the crumbs/sprinkles to stick to the sides with uniformity while not completely destroying my frosting?
Thanks mfeagan. My pan was a 3" high 10" pan. I'll try making it in a smaller pan to see if it comes out differently. What recipe do you use?
What am I doing wrong? My last couple of cakes have come out incredibly dense. They taste great but cutting into it was tough because it was so solid. At first I was afraid it was still frozen but it wasn't. I've made WASC and chocolate stout cake. How can I get my cakes lighter???
Forgive me if this seems simple, but I'm a little confused. All the recipes I see say to add vanilla. Then later on they mention that when it's done, you can add any kind of flavoring. Is this in addition to the vanilla or should the vanilla be omitted? I just bought some Princess Emulsion and want to try it out but not sure if it should replace the vanilla or compliment it. How much do you think I should add? I'm using Sweetapolita's SMBC recipe as I made it once...
Thanks everyone, those are all helpful. I love, love, love chocolate and raspberry together and hadn't even thought about mocha! Either of those would be fabulous. Thanks!
I'm planning on making a rosette cake. Definitely at least chocolate cake - haven't decided if I will layer other flavors - but was wondering if I could manage to make a dulce de leche BC and still successfully make rosettes. Will they be too creamy? The party I'm making it for is being catered by a cuban restaurant so thought that the cake should have some latin flair.
I'm going to make my mom's 60th birthday cake and we've settled on fall themed colors (rust, orange, yellow, brown). I'm going to make a rosette cake and would like to do vertical layers with one layer being chocolate. What other layer flavor would go well with chocolate and coincide with the fall color theme? I don't think lemon would be good. Pumpkin - not everyone is a fan. Thoughts? Ideas?
Forgot to mention that I want to pipe grass on the tops of each of the 3 tier cakes and add prebought animals to the top. Need to know if the Cool Whip icing is good for cake decorating.
Has anyone used it? I'm making a cake for my daughter's birthday this weekend and am using the WASC and WASC Chocolate recipe to make a zebra striped cake. I have edible cake border to make zebra and leopard patterns on the cake but am wondering what kind of icing I should use. I STINK at making buttercream. It always tastes like butter right from the fridge to me so am looking for icing ideas. Thoughts? Suggestions?
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