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I apppriciate your concern but there ia nothing to fear. The mousse is not an actual mousse and it is bought at cake specialty store which was approved by my county.
Sent her email with free dozen decorated cookies and a 25% discount on next cake order.
I used 1/2 inch board, and I thought of the bottom board being another problem so I will be getting masonite or even wood rounds.  After this incident I am reconsidering everything to make sure when people pick up there wont be any issue and looking into the SPS I see that it looks like the safest way to go. 
  I put dowel through both cakes and went all the way down to the bottom board. I will change up the support system and follow suggestions. Client wanted to know if I had another cake  that I could decorate and take, which I didn't because I just make what I require, I told her maybe I could go and fix it but she told me it wasn't fixable and sent me the picture.  She then asked me for a picture to show at least and just wanted to let me know what had occurred.  She had a...
I didnt mean to sound as it was hurtful I just want to learn and be better at what I do and any and all suggestions are welcomed. I know it might of been my fault so I want to be better so it wont happen again. I love learning new tips and tricks to make sure cake is successful and I am thankful for everyones opinion and take it as advice from bakers that love what they do and want to see other bakers be succesfull also. Every mistake is an opportunity to learn and...
I understand this and that is why I am asking advice. I've used wooden dowels with no problems and its the first time it has happened to me so i'm reconsidering and will probably switch to using SPS to ensure no accidents from now on.
Thank you, and the wings were put on with piping gel.  I will make sure I repeat myself with instructions because she was running late so I quickly told her.  At the time I thought I centered the cake but it's hard to tell when I don't have a second pair of eyes to let me know if they see it off centered.  What do you suggest to do to make sure cake is perfectly centered and not just rely on sight?  
Thank you for your suggestion, I will put that in with bold letters.
Thank you, I will definitely look into the single plate separators.
I put a dowel in the center of both cakes, she set the cake on her lap.  I just might have to take all the cakes from now on or else use other supports so it wont happen again.
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