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does anyone have a pic of a 16, 12, and 8 inch tiered cake? I know I shouldn't be worried but I'd like to kinda see what it would look like put together. Is there gonna be too much space? sorry if a dumb question but I tried to google it and it didn't pull anything up.  thanks!
heres the story...I am do a 2 tiered cake (6" and 10") and a 12X18 Sheet cake for a graduation. All are filled with ganache and fresh picked strawberries. the cakes are due on Saturday. heres my question...I filled the cakes today (Thurday) with both ganache and strawberries and (here comes pregnancy brain, im 31 weeks) my husband is worried that the strawberries may get gooey by Saturday! I did dry them best I could before putting them on the cake but now I'm concerned!...
Thanks everyone!! gonna have to check into the impression mats!!! thanks sooooo much!
  my sister wants this for her wedding. how would I get the embellishment on the 2nd and top layer? is it a fondant press rolling pin (sorry, don't know the term for it)? Thanks!
ok, makes sense. thanks! just have to remember to mix it a little more then.
sorry, should have included that it is buttercream icing just colored brown.
ok, guess you cant see it in that pic....  
Can anyone tell me why parts of my icing would change color? I used the same icing for it all but it didn't stay the same! its worst on the top tier. The cake was iced the day before the wedding so i would have thought that all of it would have dried. Thanks!    
sure. 4c hi ratio shortening creamed with flavoring and 1/4 cup hot water (mixed with powdered creamer). added powdered sugar beating on 2 with my KA. powdered sugar was added slowly. got about 2- 2 1/2 c of sugar in before it was too thick to mix on speed 2 so turned up to 3. added more hot water then more sugar. still too thick so added more hot water again. by this time it already looked grainy.
yes, I use hi ratio. I also wanted to say that I ended up like tripling the liquids and it was still REALLY thick. would it do this if I beat it too long?
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