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hi, I read somewhere that you can use the cricut with fondant also but you need to buy a separate cutting plate and some other things. does anyone know if this is true? if not im curious what is in the cricut that shouldn't be used on fondant. I haven't gotten one yet but cant afford the cricut cake yet and not sure if I want to spend that kind of money on something im not sure I will use that often. my hubby bought a printer for me for Christmas but I think id love to try...
thanks! wedding is tomorrow so will post it all set up! cant wait!
heres what I came up with... These are without the fall leaves on them. The leaves really make them pop!
will post a pic soon! airbrushed half roses  and half cupcake frosting  beige. turning out pretty!
I just handmade 200 roses for cupcakes for a wedding and guess what... I was NOT thinking! She is having white and beige for colors along with a fall theme! her 2 tiered cake is iced in white with white roses, mums, burlap roses, and fall leaves. do you think I can maybe airbrush some color on the cupcake roses or do I need to do a whole 100 more in beige? I don't think it would look right with beige frosted cupcakes with white roses or could I be wrong? what do I do?!
Can you use wafer paper in the cuttlebug? I was thinking about getting a cricut but don't know if I should just keep putting money back for the cricut cake or since the cuttlebug is cheaper if I would be able to go with that. Thanks
Thanks! she just apologized for not being able to send me pics and said again that she is really easy to please. maybe i'll just do a very simple white and beige rose cake? I just don't know!  Thanks again!
So I have a customer that wants me to do a wedding cake. 2 tier and 200 cupcakes. all I have been able to get from her is that she wants it rustic but elegant and simple not busy. she has decided on white roses, mums, foliage, and burlap. this is the only pic she will send me. what would you do? she said shes easy to please. not very reassuring to myself! anyways...heres the pic she sent me...     Thanks!
thank u!!
Hi all!! How do you think I should I start this? should I bake the tiered cakes first and freeze? how many days ahead can I bake the cakes and cuppies? Ive done 100 cuppies with a 2 tiered, but kinda freaking about 200! and I have to make roses and mums for the cuppies! Any advice would be extremely welcome! Thanks!!
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