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Hi Hailinguk   Could you tell me which nozzle you used to pipe your cakes?  I'm quite new to cupcake making and cake decorating so I'm going to be asking may questions over time (as well as reading my new books!)   Thanks Lauren 
Thank you all so much, you have all been so helpful and very understanding of my basic skills.   I'm really looking forward to trying this again on the weekend....hopefully be able to perfect the little figures 
Thank you so much for the replies, it really has helped me.  I'm currently looking at all the different types of icing just to get a knowledge of what people are talking about.   I have done a trial darth vader with the Renshaw icing and have found that there are a few cracks appearing on his cape - I did however put it in the fridge (as I thought this was the right thing to do?).   I'm sure Efan and cousins will want to eat the figures afterwards so I will try...
Hi all   I am all very new to cake decorating and for my sons 3rd birthday I wanted to make his cake and make the figures to go on the cake (Darth Maul, Darth Vader and Yoda).   However, I'm been trying to research about what icing to use and I'm getting so confused!  I currently have Renshaw Regal Icing to make the figures with - can I use this to make the figures with and if so how long in advance can I make them?   Also, I will be looking to ice the cake,...
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