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Don't have an airbursh, but thanks.  What about the wilton color mist or red pearl luster?  Do y'all think one of those would work?
Please I hope someone can help.  I am making a wedding cake for Sat March 23.  I am working on gumpaste roses.  The first patch are beautiful. The second batch are beautiful except the gumpaste is not the same color is an orangy pink!!  I ordered red gumpaste so I wouldn't have to worry about getting the red the perfect color and the containers are different colors.  The deep red is what I want and the reason I ordered it.  Now what do I do.  I have half orange...
I am new to this site and found it thank goodness by accident. I am preparing for a huge wedding cake.  It appears the box cake mixes have changed sizes as I have been reading on this site.  I always use cake mixes for my base.  Can anyone offer suggestions or should I just go to scratch?  Any help would be appreciated.  Also, if you offer a recipe can it please be one that doubles or triples easily as my bottom tier will be a 16inch round. Thanks.
              I made this exact cake with buttercream last May in goo ole NC humidity using crusting buttercream and I attached the gumpaste petals by inserting and pressing into the buttercream for the base level.  If I needed any paste it was buttercream OR gumpaste glue depending on where the petals were needing to be attached. It was perfect and no petals fell off.  (we assembled petals on site, much easier and took no time)
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