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Thank you for the advice and I have taken all of it and this is what I came up with..  
  I am starting to dabble in 3D toppers and here is my first "frog". Does it look remotely like a frog to you??
Ditto on Americolor. Thats all that I use..
I use a Badger Airbrush..
I use the COPY CONFECTION SYSTEM from Bakery Crafts and Lucks Icing sheets. It is a canon 4820 Printer. I usually run about 8 sheets a week for the last 6 months. Not a problem yet. The secret is to leave the printer on all the time. (it runs a cleaning cycle automatically when needed)..   Mark
Thank you very much. I am new to the forums and was hoping you guys would like it..   Mark  
A little rough but not too bad.      
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