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Same as Dayti.  Maybe a touch of Americolor turquoise as well, if your real life cake has a bit more blue than green.   Liz
 This is my favorite part of this story. :) Good luck to you! Liz
My sister in law loves that stuff - I'll have to make a cake with that as the filling at Thanksgiving or Christmas!  Great idea!   Liz
Hang in there - I have excellent baking skills, but only fair to average decorating skills.  I don't make decorative cakes for that very reason.  I started a small bakery with cookies, bars, small cakes, etc.  That might be an option for you.  I do have a very good eye for design composition, and that helps you to figure out things you can do within your skill set.  If you are young, I would say to practice piping like the above posters, but I have very weak hands, so I...
I have the matching single door fridge and freezer from Webstaurant Store.  About $1200-$1300 each if I remember correctly.  I think they are Avantco, and I like them.  Have a digital temp readout on the outside.  True is a great brand, but you will pay for the name.  That is the brand we have for our beer coolers at the restaurant.  But in the back of the house (kitchen), we have all the store brand stuff.  Works just as well.   Liz
Is the straw what you are trying to adhere the stream of m&m's to?   Liz
I'll bite: what is a gravity cake?  :)   Liz
Some of the recipes just used colored milk to dip in, so I don't think you are tied to using alcohol. :) Good idea on coloring the dough!  That would make the inside look more peach like! Liz
 Oh, you can make your own cookie cutters!  I've bought a few now off Etsy, and the only caveat is you can't put them in the dishwasher, or they will melt!  Liz
 How do they store the pastry cream version before serving? Refrigerate or freeze?  And do you age them a bit like a macaron for the filling to absorb into the cookie?  Just wondered on the food safety front, because that version would be delicious. Liz
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