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Thank you so much!!! They are perfect suggestions thank you!! Xxxx
I want to make a carousel cake for my sons 1st birthday 7th August I'm struggling to find a 4 x 6in styrofoam block to support the top ( I live in the uk) is there another way I can support the top without the styrofoam? Also how would I make the cake turn? This isn't essential but I love the WOW factor this would bring Thank you all so much Xxx
WOW!! Im trying to make ganche for the first time today for a wedding cake on Saturday and found your table... THANK YOU sooo much!! Im going to follow Inspired By michelles you tube video and hopefully I can make a ganched cake lol Thank you so much xxx
Oh thank you soo much! I was feeling really overwhelmed with all these orders that I felt clueless, I feel much better knowing I can freeze cakes thou that will be so convient and the tutorial is brilliant thank you I tried google for a giant cupcake and was getting results of chocolate bottoms and cake bottoms and I couldn't work out which one everybody used thank you again xxx
I've only baked 2 cakes before and after completing my Food Hygiene course and being approved by my LA I now have 6 cakes to do and was just wondering if its possible to freeze a cake, how long after a crumb coat can I put the final buttercream on and cover and how on earth do I do a giant cupcake lol Sorry for all the questions, I have tried google but I just get anything else but an answer TIA xxx
Thanks xxx
No problem I've only been baking for 3 weeks but if I find one ill let you know lol xxx
Thank you!! I went out and spent over £60 on eBay buying everything I thought I needed at the cheapest price and last night, after everything came back, I spent over £100 replacing most things, I've well and truly learnt my lesson that cheap products will actually be more expensive! I have a very understanding OH thankfully I've had a request for a castle cake and was thinking of stacking a 8", 6" & a 4" covered in fondant.. Would those sizes work well? Xxxx Thank you...
Cake Journal have a lovely one!
Oh Thank You both so much! I have only been baking for 3 weeks and I dont think I've been to bed before 2am trying to learn everything! Thanks soo much I really appreciate it :) xxxx
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