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I am trying to make 2 tiered chiffon/sponge cake. I used the same recipe before with no problem. Things I did differently this time were: adding even baking strips and bake 4 pans at the same time as this is the first time I make 2 tiered cake. Well, first time they did not come out so good, I blamed on the strips and did not use them second time. So the only thing different was having 4 pans at the same time. The cakes rose very high in the oven and the deflated...
Roseyrod: thank you! That is what I've been doing but now I try my hands in tiered cakes, I'd like to see if there are better options. Leah_s, IAmPamCakes, kikiandkyle: thanks. It is nice to know the options.I will bake them at the same time then.
For those who don't have a convection oven, do you have any problem with uneven baking when using multiple racks?
Thank you for replying AZCouture. Do you take the small ones out first and let the bigger ones in there for more baking time or you take them all out at the same time?
Hi. I am new to this forum and also pretty new to cake baking too. I took some Wilton decorating classes and read a lot about cakes lately. I would like to make a 2 tiered cake, 8&6 in. My question is if I should bake all 4 layers at the same time? (2 8-in pans and 2 6-in pans). I think I can fit all 4 in 1 rack. My oven is not convection. Thanks, Natalie
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