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Just had a chat with the owner / cake decorator of a cake decorating supply shop I frequent. She insists buttercream is best as ganache does have a firmer slightly oily finish even when using when it's quite soft. She says this makes it more difficult for the 100's & 1000's ( non pareils ) to stick & stay put. She says she has made plenty and only ever now uses buttercream. Somewhat of a challenge for me with NO DAIRY allowed but I imagine it will all pan out. :-)f
I'm waiting on the responses you get too
Wow! This blog is what I was imagining. I just hope the sprinkles aren't forced into the ganache too much. Thanks V much Dayti.
Just looking for some helpful hints to apply 100's & 1,000's to an 11" cake. I am thinking of getting two cake boards. One under & one ontop for easy handling and rolling it and so doing the sides first then just ganaching & sprinkling the top. Do you think that would work or the rolling press too hard on the surface forcing them into the ganache covering too much???? I've never decorated a cake like this before. I need some friendly advice.
Depending on the flavour cake you are making. I've used a 'raspberry pudding and soda ' in a red velvet type cake. I always use chocolate pudding in chocolate cake. Liquids could be coca-cola or coffee. I find that it makes no difference whether the liquid is carbonated or not. For a white mud or other white or yellow cakes I use vanilla pudding with 7up or milk or buttermilk depending on the type of cake you are making.
Hi, I'm about to attempt to make my grand-daughter a frozen themed Birthday cake. Judging from the difficulty level at making Elsa should I just stick with Olaf & allot of snowflakes???? It sounds like an easy way out but it might be as much as I can handle I'm thinking.
I have used a double espresso in my chocolate cakes for years. It really enriches the chocolate flavour. I have people who don't like coffee but love my chocolate cake . It really brings the chocolate flavour out .
So it doesn't make it heavy or stodgy. I would have thought you might need to take some of the liquid ingredient out. Would that be correct? If so what size cake mix & pudding do you use? What special tweeks do you make to allow for this.?
I used Cadbury Dream white chocolate. I have also used Nestles Milky Bar white chocolate. The method is easy and basically the same as InspiredByMichelle making ganache on YouTube . She explains it much better than I could write in a few sentences for you. See how you go. She has all chocolates on this too. Well worth watching. : )
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