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Hi, I'm about to attempt to make my grand-daughter a frozen themed Birthday cake. Judging from the difficulty level at making Elsa should I just stick with Olaf & allot of snowflakes???? It sounds like an easy way out but it might be as much as I can handle I'm thinking.
I have used a double espresso in my chocolate cakes for years. It really enriches the chocolate flavour. I have people who don't like coffee but love my chocolate cake . It really brings the chocolate flavour out .
So it doesn't make it heavy or stodgy. I would have thought you might need to take some of the liquid ingredient out. Would that be correct? If so what size cake mix & pudding do you use? What special tweeks do you make to allow for this.?
I used Cadbury Dream white chocolate. I have also used Nestles Milky Bar white chocolate. The method is easy and basically the same as InspiredByMichelle making ganache on YouTube . She explains it much better than I could write in a few sentences for you. See how you go. She has all chocolates on this too. Well worth watching. : )
Oh yes, I forgot to mention that a good ganache will always hold better than a buttercream. I use a 35% fat pure cream 3 parts white choc to 1 of cream. Or dark choc 2>2 1/4 parts to 1 of cream. It will set firm enough to hold but not hard to cut and is delicious.
Hi, While I haven't done a tipsy turvy cake yet ( just doesnt appeal-that's all), I have done several cakes of two, three & 4 tiers using the box cake with pudding box in it. I find it a good sturdy cake while still retaining its richness & moisture. It's my go to cake for 3D cakes that require allot of intricate carving to shape as it holds so well. I dowell between each layer making up each cake on its individual board. Anyway I'd use it if you have a good recipe for...
Thanks Carabella, I put mine over a little stainless Steele bowl that is a good dome. Your idea of using a styro-ball is a good one especially for holding the ears. I'll keep that in mind for next time Thanks for sharing
Well the cake topper is done. I did it 24 hours ago & it's still playable. Last time I worked with gumpaste it was setting in my hands as I worked. Anyway it will set I am hoping. My problem now is colour. The jet black gumpaste I ordered actually appears to be a very dark shade of grey. Do you think I should give it a lick of paint with black food coloring? Any ideas about this anyone?
Hi, I had thought about a cake hat but this cake is for my first grandchilds 1st Birthday & my daughter is being oober fussy about the whole thing. She just wants the hat & Ears as a topper hence my buying black gumpaste. I think I will have to use one of my smallish bowls as the mold & try to get it to look as close to a dome as possible. If only she were happy with cake. I've done dome cakes (in a larger than suitable size for this project) before. Oh well, I'll just...
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