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Thank you for getting in touch with me, I'm in!!!!!!!
I think it looks a little like a wolf. It has the long nose like a wolf. I love it.
I know I'm kinda late on this, but I like the idea of playing cards with the Queen of hearts w/her name and the King of hearts w/his name on it and make poker chips out of chocolate. I have a picture of a sheet cake in my album. My clients also got married in Vegas. The flamingo cake was their rehersal dinner cake. They got married at the Flamingo Casino and Hotel
I loved both cakes. The only thing I question is the wrapping paper. You should only use paper that is FDA approved. Regular wrapping paper and contact paper have dyes that get into your cake and may be harmful. I would suggest putting wax or parchment paper under you cake to prevent contamination.Way to go on the cakes. I will be stealing the bundt cake idea also.
Sit down in my overstuffed recliner and put on my vibrating slippers to help relax my sore legs and feet
Can't wait to see the cake. That was one massive baby shower party. The most I've been to was 50 people.
Congrats, the cake is so cute. Love the animals.
try putting a toothpick underneath and above the piece and put a little bead border around it to cover the toothpicks. this way it will give a little support to the piece.
I would use color flow or royal icing and embellish with luster dust. If you are afaid of it breaking down put a piece of wax paper cut to fit the and lay wax paper down on the bc and then the royal icing piece.
I love my bead maker from County Kitchen I have the 6mm it seems to be a perfect size for tiered cakes
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