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This was what I ended up making everyone. She is a seamstress, a professional children's photographer and a book lover - plus she loves 70s fabric (hence the colours).You may not be able to see, but one of the books on top is Anne of Green Gables (the other two are one she wrote and another of her favourites).   Thnaks for all of your suggestions...
Scrumdiddlycakes, I would love to see your cake. Sounds wonderful - if you find a photo, point me in the right direction. :)
Oh that's lovely! What a gorgeous cake. I ended up doing a ckae that was more about the woman in question and placed a little pile of books on top that included Anne of Green Gables. :)
Evening everyone!   I am making a cake for a dear friend's 40th in a week or two and she is obsessed with Anne of Green Gables. I would love to make a cake for her that references the books without being, for example, a cake that is just the book. Something modern and elegant. I love the idea of putting one of those mini buntings on top of the cake but I am stumped as to what to do for the actual cake.   Any and all help greatly...
Ooh, great suggestion! I used modelling chocolate on the weekend for the first time in the hope that it would give me a nice hard result but mine kept sagging in the hot weather we've been having. I never thought to work on a cold surface.   The level of detail in cutting, and getting them straight, scares me. I wonder if one could use a Sillouette/Cricut thingamy?
  I am making a cake for my brother's 40th birthday and I would like one of the tiers to have a cityscape as in this picture (but actually a mix of Sydney, Paris and London on the one tier). How does one do this? Does it require a Sillhouette/Cricut?  I am assuming that it is made from either modelling chocolate or strengthened fondant?   Any help will be so very gratefully received, Amelia
Hi there!   The recipe on this site: is my go-to recipe for all celebration cakes that I make and it is egg free.    It is really fantastic, like a mud cake and it lasts for days and days without getting dry.    I posted this and then realised I had misread your original question! Sorry, dead brain today. She *does* do a white chocolate version which is just as nice which might...
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