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I have some spare dummy's left over from my business from a couple of years ago. I've only decorated dummy's once and wasn't very sucsessful with it. The fondant did not cover well at all. Has anyone got any tips, Also last time I used jam to cover the dummy to attach the fondant as I thought it would save on buttercream costs, I have no idea if this is the correct method or not, what does everybody else use? Thanks
My weddings coming up in two months and I planned on making a small three tier elaborate cake, however reality has hit that I'm just not going to have enough time. So have got some dummy cakes left over from my business so I'm going to make those as my cake so I can do it well in advance. My question is how do I make a buttercream kitchen cake in buttercream? I have never buttercream iced a cake as I only use fondant. Many thanks
Thank you so much for all your ideas. I will have a little think. Love the designs you did, thanks so much
Im in desperate need of some fun creative ideas for my own wedding cake. I was a cake decorator based in the UK for over 6 years but stopped two years ago due to family issues. I'm getting married in exactly 2 months and haven't come up with a idea yet of what to do. I will be making a small 3 tier cake 8,6&4 as its a very small low key wedding. However here's where I'm having problems with the designing, the wedding falls on my partners birthday and for our...
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