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Wow! That cake is gorgeous! She must be jealous!
Oh my lord! I haven't posted in forever and a day but I needed guys are hilarious! Go Big COW!!! HA HA!!!I have this really funny know, one who never intends to actually be funny. One day she was telling my sil and myself that she had this wonderful clam chowder with the biggest chowders she had ever seen!!! And another day she told us about a friend who has this terrible disease called Celebrity Palsy. I told my sil..that must be the kind only...
Lisa, those are just adorable!! Great job! Ha..Crimson and Bonnie..that cat and dog in your avatars are so funny, they are both kinda sneaky lookin, they would make a great pair.
I grease and flour the core just as you do the pan and put a small amount of batter in. After baking and cooling, I remove the core. Remove the cake that is in the core and put it back in the cake to fill the hole. If it is too tall, I just slice off the excess. Hope this helps.
karateka..I am HAVING that sweet potato cheesecake! That sounds wonderful! Thanks for the link.
here's a previous thread that might help. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------*quarter sheet=9x13(b/c I don't own an 8x12)=28 servings *halfsheet=12x18=54 servings *full sheet=18x24 (2 12x18's side by side, unless you have an oven that will hold a huge 18x24 pan)=108 servings *I refer to my 11x15 as 1/3 sheet=40 servings These are my guidelines for what its worth. The serving sizes are 2x2" square pieces. Hope this is helpful!...
If we're confusing you about the size of a full sheet cake, you can go to the forums and type in the search column full sheet. I know I have to do this sometimes if I get several different answers.
Shut my mouth! They'll be eating cake till the cows come home!!!!
Ugh..I know..And you never know how people are going to slice the cake. I cut monster-size slices. And a 9 x 13 cake is just not very big.
Sorry..yes..1/4 sheet is 9x13.
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