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I have an epson rx595 printer of which I want to use with edible ink. I need to know where I can find the cartridges as well as the edible ink. Can anyone help me please? Thanks
You can use gumpaste or 50/50 (half fondant& half gumpaste) or add gum trag, tylose, trex , cmc (any can work ) to the fondant.
The best method when doing cupcake bouquets is to use the cup method, there is the 2oz cups that a standatd size cupcake fits into. You staple the cups together and secure the into the vase with styrofoam using toothpicks
Ok so I tried my first ever cupcake bouquet and I mastered the cupcakes staying in place by using the cup method. Feeling quite happy I decided to make the butter cream icing, upon coloring the icing it looks curdled I didn't even add milk, when colored it has this two toned effect with the red color I used and the white specks, the icing was also sliding around in the bowl. I have used this recipe before and this has never happened. I am lost as to why this has occurred...
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