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CWR41   You are amazing thank you!!! That's just what I wanted sorry for being such a pain but think my dyslexia has caused me massive brain ache to configure this. Cant thank you enough  xx
I am not demanding anything and its one question - no plural   If I had pans of all sizes than I would obviously get them out and stack them I am not lazy just rubbish at math. But thanks for your invaluable input
I think they are more fixated on the look than the servings so if i started with a 16" what other pans would i use? Thanks
Cwr41 thank you! So do think image and servings wise that 17r x 11 sq x 11 r x 7sq x 6r but withan 18" round base would work?
Hi,   I have already asked this question but didn't really get the answer I was looking for. When it comes to numbers I suck!   What I need is to know what size pans to use for a 5 tier cake for around 250 people     Bottom tier -  round shape 2nd Tier ----  square shape 3rd Tier ---- round shape 4th Tier ---- square shape 5th Tier----- round shape     I need to literally be told in that order what size pans to use. I had answers before about...
Thank you for your response much appreciated! That's a great idea about cutting out the sizes I should of thought of that first! The client wants it smaller than 18" starting point so will have to cut out my shapes and see what gels I suppose    Thanks again 
Hello,   I have a question for you all. I have a customer requesting a 5 Tier Multi Shaped Wedding Cake for 250 people in Round and Square shaped. Bottom tier - will be round shape 2nd Tier ---- will be square shape 3rd Tier ---- round shape 4th Tier ---- square shape 5th Tier----- round shape I'm not sure what size of pans they are, can anyone please help??? Many thanks!!!! 
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