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Hey everyone, I have a customer who would like me to make this cake for her baby shower, but she needs it to feed 60 people.  I was wondering if anyone could give me an idea on how much to charge for this cake and if you have any idea about how many people it might feed just based on the picture.   
Thanks for the link and the info about who is the originator of the cake!!!
Thanks for the video!!!
I have searched the threads and the pictures and can't seem to find any tutorials for a golf bag cake! I need it for a cake that I am doing in November (doing some early research)!!  Below are two links to ones that I really like!  Obviously I LOVE LOVE LOVE the leaning one...looks so realistic!!  But without a tutorial, that one is pretty much out of the question :(  Does anyone know where I can find a tutorial or anyone that has made one that would like to share how they...
 Thanks for your suggestions!!  This is how I ended up setting everything up!  I put the bottle on a sand hill and set up a little paradise scene in front!  It was all on a little island surrounded by "water"!  It was a big hit!!
  Yes, that would be very cute!!! Thanks for the idea!!
OMG!! This is actually a great idea.....I wonder if I could pull this off!! I will keep this on my list of ideas!  Thank you!!
Yea she specifically asked for a beach chair and palm trees with a hammock in between the palm trees!!  This is why I am having a hard time tyring to figure out how to set it all up.  I try not to shut down client request, but this one I probably should have thought twice about before I said yes! 
A client of mine has ordered a cake for her boyfriend for this weekend but could not seem to make up her mind about what she wanted.  So she asked to do both a life size Patron bottle and a beachy theme.  I have my Patron bottle template and all the beachy stuff (palm trees, chairs, shells etc) ready to go, but I am not sure how to put this cake together.  The Patron bottle is the actual cake and everything else will be used to decorate the cake board.  Should I put the...
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