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Thanks for the reply! I was thinking about using them but was wondering whether there is anything slightly larger so I don't have o piece it together too much
Hi all! So, I was wondering whether anyone in the UK knows where to buy Rice Krispie treats., I need them for a competition and my mum ( I'm only 14) is really against me making my own because of time ( the competition is next weekend but I have school and homework to do so won't have much time) thanks for any replies!!
Strawberry laces are basically strings of red licorice ( sort of), Im pretty sure you can find black ones, don't think there are white ones though. But of course, I don't know if you can get them where you are, here in the uk you can get them anywhere.
Try strawberry laces ( or equivalent of them where you are), stick them ith a bit of RI or tie them on.
Well, the tin mould usually comes as one piece which can be annoying if one part needs longer to bake than the other, however, the silicone can be frustrating because they can be very difficult to move about once full of batter, but you could always put the moulds on a sheet pan.
Here's a link Good luck!
Try adding more butter/shortening or less sugar, also, shortening can get a grainy texture if beaten for too long.
Is the inside soggy? It probably just needs longer baking time, also you shouldn't open the oven door until it is at least two thirds of the way done, otherwise the cold air shocks it and makes it sink.
If you support it correctly it should be fine.
Do you use liquid food colouring? If you add too much of that then it could separate, try using gel colours as they don't affect the consistency of you buttercream.
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