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All purpose. Bleached, gold medal flour
My friend wants a very white cake but I think this recipe will make her just as happy . Hmmm - I will check the bag-?it was all purpose Gold metal flour from Sam's club - forgot about bleached vs unbleached . Thank you!
Yes eggwhites only. Woodland bakery white cake recipe- delicious and fluffy but not pure white
I use clear vanilla and cream my butter.  Outstanding cake in taste and texture but not the white of white wedding cakes. Used Land of Lakes butter and Wilton Clear Vanilla.  Waiting for my Adams clear vanilla to arrive. The Land of lakes is much whiter than other butters I have used before. Any ideas/ experience from wedding cakes? Thanks
Ok, buttercream it is.  What do you think about piping a green grass around the base of the cake?  Bad idea? I would think with wedding cakes, you haven't used much colored buttercream on the cakes, particularly green? BTW- your cakes are gorgeous. Should I just stick to a sating ribbon?  It's a golf theme cake. Thank you.
My client just told me her cake is going to be outside, under a covered area ( picnic shelter). Surprise!   It will be a high of 84 degrees, time of day between 5 and 7pm.   She wants either of these finishes on the cake: 1- white chocolate ganache 2- Coconut buttercream 3- White chocolate ganache under a layer of coconut buttercream.   I use high ratio shortening if that matters.   1 more question:  I would assume that  Even if I put the cake in a corrugated...
The only genetic I could find- grocery store brand. I have jet puffed but did not use them . Even Walmart only carried jet puffed
Uh oh- I see that I missed that step. Should I try it now to fix it ? Add more Wilton's ?
Has anyone tried using what the cake Dr. advised ( 6Tbsp.-1/2 c flour, a little sugar, 1/2 tsp baking powder) VS Adding more cake mix to make up the difference ? I'd like to know which works best. I always wonder if the ingredients in the mix is evenly distributed enough to know that I am getting what is needed when adding only part of it to my batter. Thanks.
The fondant would not knead into a smooth ball.  It kept breaking and was a bit crumbly when I would turn it over, breaking apart.  I would add shortening when that happened.  I could not get it to knead without any breaks, but thought I'd give it a go and see how it does rolling out. It rolled out beautifully into a 20" circle, smooth and lovely. When I laid it on the cake, and draped it over the edge, that side broke off, immediately. I have made MMF before and it was...
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