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Ok, buttercream it is.  What do you think about piping a green grass around the base of the cake?  Bad idea? I would think with wedding cakes, you haven't used much colored buttercream on the cakes, particularly green? BTW- your cakes are gorgeous. Should I just stick to a sating ribbon?  It's a golf theme cake. Thank you.
My client just told me her cake is going to be outside, under a covered area ( picnic shelter). Surprise!   It will be a high of 84 degrees, time of day between 5 and 7pm.   She wants either of these finishes on the cake: 1- white chocolate ganache 2- Coconut buttercream 3- White chocolate ganache under a layer of coconut buttercream.   I use high ratio shortening if that matters.   1 more question:  I would assume that  Even if I put the cake in a corrugated...
The only genetic I could find- grocery store brand. I have jet puffed but did not use them . Even Walmart only carried jet puffed
Uh oh- I see that I missed that step. Should I try it now to fix it ? Add more Wilton's ?
Has anyone tried using what the cake Dr. advised ( 6Tbsp.-1/2 c flour, a little sugar, 1/2 tsp baking powder) VS Adding more cake mix to make up the difference ? I'd like to know which works best. I always wonder if the ingredients in the mix is evenly distributed enough to know that I am getting what is needed when adding only part of it to my batter. Thanks.
The fondant would not knead into a smooth ball.  It kept breaking and was a bit crumbly when I would turn it over, breaking apart.  I would add shortening when that happened.  I could not get it to knead without any breaks, but thought I'd give it a go and see how it does rolling out. It rolled out beautifully into a 20" circle, smooth and lovely. When I laid it on the cake, and draped it over the edge, that side broke off, immediately. I have made MMF before and it was...
Should I assume that in the ganacherator, the total ant. needed includes filling with ganache, if # of filling layers are entered?    And that if I am not using ganache to fill my cake, just to crumb coat, that I enter Zero?  It's a huge difference in the amt. needed. Thank you for the hel[
Ok thanks.  I made some last year and they were a disaster, although my family thought they were good.  Oozing out of the bottom, cake balls.  I think I put way too much frosting in them or something. Really mushy.  I'll go bit by bit with feel then.  Thanks.
I want to make pops using 3 different leftover cake flavors and frosting. I'm only making around 45 or so. How much cake and frosting do I use for each ? I have seen 1/4 c for a out an 8" cake but I don't have an 8" cake, just leftovers of each .thank you!
Thank you! That's a big help. Can I reuse the dummy afterwards? Do you just scrape off the shortening? Or will it not come clean and I would just need to toss it?
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