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Ok thanks.  I made some last year and they were a disaster, although my family thought they were good.  Oozing out of the bottom, cake balls.  I think I put way too much frosting in them or something. Really mushy.  I'll go bit by bit with feel then.  Thanks.
I want to make pops using 3 different leftover cake flavors and frosting. I'm only making around 45 or so. How much cake and frosting do I use for each ? I have seen 1/4 c for a out an 8" cake but I don't have an 8" cake, just leftovers of each .thank you!
Thank you! That's a big help. Can I reuse the dummy afterwards? Do you just scrape off the shortening? Or will it not come clean and I would just need to toss it?
Do I need to quilt the dummy cake after I apply the fondant or do I need to let the fondant dry/set for a while? I plan to brush the dummy with water, then apply fondant. I have never covered a dummy cake with fondant before. 
On Governors Desk. Should hear by July 15th -ish.  check out Missouri Cottage Law Face book group.  Lots of info. there about the status.
Kristen, I got so fed up, and your site helped me so much- I ordered your book! That was before you replied. Yay!  The modeling chocolate I made- final batches did turn out using the Wilton candy melts.  I shaved off the oily film all over it ( I had a hint on your site or book preview that I might want to do that). It's still oilier than the batches I made last year, but I am looking forward to your book.  It arrives tomorrow:) Thank you for the reply.
Thank your for that link.  It is very informative, lots of helpful info. there.  I make it that way, but will try the Callebaut chocolate next.  
Haha- yes, that was my very first attempts last year, when I first started making modeling chocolate.  Used really good white chocolate and it seized- I made a lot too. Now use it for shavings- it's hard as a brick but tastes delicious.  Wanted to only use good chocolate, but gave up and went this route instead. Even tried the whole tempering thing too at one point.  I'll look at your link though. Maybe it will help, if I haven't already. Thanks.
I honestly don't know what is going on with my modeling chocolate.  I had huge success with it last year, making loads of decorations. I am now on my 5th attempt and no success- the 1st 2 were too soft, would not knead into any shape.  The next too oily. I had tried Nestles white chic chips, wilton, white candy coating, white bark, and OMG- the green candy melts are an oil mess!  I had watched Lauren Kitchens videos, My cake school and others and follow to a T!  I don't...
I have several cake orders and would like to get some of the decorative preps made.  How far ahead can I make these and store them in an airtight container? They are just daisies. I make my own modeling chocolate Thanks
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