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I made all my cookies a couple of weeks ago. All tucked up in the freezer ready for Christmas.
I freeze batches of white royal icing all the time. Just pop it out of the freezer the night before I need it. Have also frozen it coloured. Good stir and off you go.
I'm with you Matty, I freeze leftovers all the time. I also freeze cakes:smile: with the fondant attached and have never had a problem:-)
Before you finally give up try this. Take about 1/3 cup out, put in microwave, then slowly add back to mixture whilst beating. Often that brings the curdles back together again. Worth a shot . Good luck!
I just had to go looking and could only find one more!
I would definately do this. I made a fruit cake in August for a November wedding, wrapped in parchment and tInfoil, fed every two weeks with just a spray of Brandy. Yum. It was beautiful.
K8, I just HAVE TO SAY IT, (cause I say it out loud a lot to my computer), Your enthusiasm never ceases to amaze me, I get the impression that your brain runs at a hundred miles an hour and there will never be enough time on this earth for you to finish everything!
My mum swears by "listening". Put your ear near the cake when you think it is done. If it "sings" it still needs more cooking. Often times very hard to tell with fruit cake. Have just cut into wedding cake made in July that had stopped singing, it was absolutely perfect. you will know immediately what is meant by singing when you hear it, so I would suggest you listen for it before you know they're done so you'll know when it stops. Just be careful not to burn your...
Lol, because alcohol makes you hungry. Don't think it actually affects cake size at all, but then again, things could be different in America I see what you mean. I wonder if it has something to do with how the recipe is loaded in the first place? I scrolled down to the 5 Halloween treats recipe for example, and the favourite button was there. I'm certainly not technical either, just throwing out some ideas. Having never loaded a recipe, do you have the option of excluding a favourites button?
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