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I too am trying to order and receive my 10% discount, how do you get it?  Please help, I really want to order it right away :)
It is based on the difficulty of the cake a simple border with happy birthday and a couple flowers would be basic while a carved or topsy turvy cake would be a level 3. It explains it in her original post. Hope that helps.
Anyone out there use Cake Boss Software and if so what do you like or dislike about it? How do you think it has benefitted your business? I've been thinking about buying it but don't want to spend that much for something that won't be useful. Thanks
By the way someone will always complain they are too much but you can't work for free:)
Starbucks cake pops don't even compare to a good handmade cake pop and I would not use them as a price point starter. I do $1.50 each for plain simply dipped, $2 each for more gourmet versions salted Carmel , pink champagne and then add accordingly for decorations between $2.50-$3.50 each depending on the complexity of the design. I do however give a dozen discount for instance for a dozen of the $1.50 cake pops I charge $15 a dozen and so on. Hope that helps.
Thank you everyone for your help.  I quoted her a price of $80 and she said thank you for getting right back to me but I am going to have to pass for now!  Ugh they all want to get something for nothing guess they will be hitting up costco:)  I appreciate all of the helpful responses its nice to know other people realize cakes actually have a value and a lot of work go into them.   Thanks
I live in Northern California about 1 hour north of Sacramento. I live in a fairly rural area no bakery in town they would have to go to the next town over which is about 30 minutes. It seems I get requests all the time and about 40% say nevermind once I give them the price they want something for nothing. I have a lot of repeat customers and have had rave reviews from them on my site and facebook page but it seems like a lot of people don't realize what a good cake...
I agree with the undercutting and don't want to do that which is why I was asking.  Local business in my area charge $3 a serving for butter cream but I figured I don't have as much overhead as they do and I was posting on my phone sorry guesstimating on cost.  My cost now that I am home with pencil and paper is more like $18 including cream, and all that good stuff, fondant cake board and boxes.  Sorry didn't mean to start an argument I genuinely wanted to know what you...
$35 in ingriedients, 2-3 hours including baking, icing and molding all the buttons out of fondant. Then cake board and box another $5 I work outing my home so minimal overhead licensing ect $200 a year
I've been in business with my friend for about a year now we started out just doing cake pops and I make cakes for friends and family but lately I have been getting a lot of cake requests so have been doing more and more cakes for clients.  I always have trouble pricing my general rule had been $3 a serving for fondant and $2 a serving for buttercream and adding on for additional large or detailed fondant or gumpaste work.  I just got this email asking me to make a baby...
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