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I have a cake due tomorrow at 12 in the afternoon I have both tiers covered in fondant but the bottom tier is going to have a sugar sheet around it. If I do it tonight will the sheet desolve or run or mess up? (First time using these)
I will try that! Thank you so much! God bless!
  Every time I use this recipe 1 cup Crisco 2 tsp vanilla 2 lbs powdered sugar 1/2 cup milk I get this bump all the way around where the halfway point is. It just puffs out right there! Why is that happening?
Ignore: "I was thinking I could do 3 the. 2." Sorry I clicked submit before I checked it again.
I have a 5 tier quiñce cake due on Saturday the 28th. I was thinking that I could do 3 the. 2. Starting the 24th bake 3 cakes. 25th cover those 3 with gamache, and bake last 2 cakes. 26th cover those 2 in ganache amd fondant 3 of them. 27th do the last 2 in fondant? Idk I'm a little confused on how soon I can Ganache them. How early can I ganache without it going bad?? Please help! =) Thank you so much, God bless!
Thank you so much. I will check it all out And yes ma'am I've done my research and I am doing things correctly according to our laws I want to do this all the right way ya know?
So it will crust on its own? I'm just scared of them melting off ={
They kind of want it like this....
So I have a cake due on Friday. It's a 3 tier covered in swirl roses (buttercream) I'm making it Thursday since it's so big. So my question is: if I make it Thursday should I keep it in the fridge overnight? Will the condensation ruin the roses when taken out? Or should I just put it in the fridge long enough to crust? Please help? !
If I have a 3 tiered cake to do like that for Friday. Can I make it Thursday? Would it be okay over night? And would I refrigerate it or can I leave it out? I am so scared of the flowers melting or falling off ={
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