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Very nice flames, I don't have an airbrush to shade like that but that is great.  Did you free hand the shapes?
I am making a Hunger Games cake for someone and in my head I thought it would be neat to cut a bunch of fondant leaves out of fondant that is marbled red, yellow and orange.  And then place them on the cake, kind of like fish scales, going up the cake to simulate flames.   I cannot find any pictures or examples of this.  Have any of you done it or seen it?  In theory it sounds like it would be a cool effect.
Thank you I appreciate the kind words 
Here is my final product of working through various Princess Jasmine themed cake ideas.  My friend is a huge Jasmine fan and wanted something that was not childish but represented her.  I think it came out great, no?
Thanks Cazza...yea that is pretty far to attend a class ;-) But would be nice to have you hehe
I am just finishing up the final steps of getting placed as a new WMI at Hobby Lobby in Orlando, FL.  I am both nervous and excited to take this step.  I have a full time job and am looking forward to having something to do in the evenings and make some extra $.   This store currently has no classes of any kind so I am hoping, being that I am so new, that I will be able to help get this store into Wilton mode and get classes going!
Hey everyone, just joined CakeCentral, don't know what took me so long to join.  I just pre-qualified to be a WMI in Orlando area.  There are 4 openings and I am waiting, patiently as I can, for the local person to call me and hopefully set me up with one of these.  I check my email constantly to hope she will.   I am a bakery manager at a supermarket and cake decorating lover as well.  I look forward to learning and sharing with all of you on here!  
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