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Thank you so much, I own the canon MG5320 but it didn't recognized the edible ink i ordered online. I will look for transfer sheets, thank you
[IMG][/IMG It looks like all in white is on buttercream, the black is on fondant. What do you think? Any ideas or suggestion ? Thanks
Hello, I want to advertise my cakes and cupcakes as well as sell a bit of my products. I'm planning on decorating my booth nice and colorful. 1 table destinated to cakes, 2 of them will be a door prize and silent auction prize that I already donated. Other table to cupcakes. I will also give discount on future orders placed that day. I want to do themed decorated cupcakes, what themes do you recommend? Making mini cakes to sell by the slice? Any ideas or suggestions...
How about flyer. And or coupon as advertising. Sponsor bake sale
Thank you, I will stay for 1 week , going to Disneyland, six flags, beach ( Santa Monica ), Costa Mesa,long beach downtown, beverly hills and Hollywood are the areas I'm visiting
Great idea to stack cake at venue, put dowels on in advance and just stack them at venue. Make sure you use cardboard base under 2 top tiers and wood or plywood for lower tier
Hello, I don't recommend freezing fondant but they will stay fine if you wrap it up, i'd done it before.
How nice! Summery is easy and pretty, angry birds and hello kitty are two of my popular themes as well as candy theme, good luck, your idea sounds perfect!
Hello I live in Arizona but will be in LA next week , I need to try different brand of fondant and other stuff. Can you recomend a good store or wholesale? Thank you in advance
Thank you so much
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