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I just finished up my 5 Teir marshmallow fondant cake and it's stuck in the fridge the marshmallow is melting into the buttercream its 89 Degrees and I have to drop the cake off tomorrow! I do not have enough time and its a disaster can someone please tell me what to do
Thanks... My 3inch pan works great for me its just the dome is rediculous. What is a flower nail?
Attention Bakers! I would like to bake a 10 inch cake but I want it to sit about 12inches high including filling. How do I do this???
Good day bakers. I trying to bake a 3 inch deep 10inch round cake and I want to use the bake even strips but every time I use it my cake either comes out with the bottom raw, middle sinks in, or the cake takes an extra hour and still be uncooked so I end up taking the strips off! I need tips and tricks please.
Hi guys I'm trying to stack cakes. Can anyone give me some tips? PLEASE
Thank u so much
i was just wondering how many days in advance should i bake a cake for an order.
I'm so sorry to hear that I had the same situation. I told the customer I don't understand why the cake wasn't to your liking but on your next order ill be sure give u a discount. Some customers don't understand how much time and money we put into these cakes and they are very hard to please but we just have to learn different ways to deal with it.
U did a terrific job job 😁 imagine what your second one looks like
It's really cute
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