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I'm just about ready to give this cake stuff up...can someone please help explain to me why I'm always getting this stupid "lump" around the top edge of my buttercream? It looks like too much icing, but when I try to correct that, I get dark cake streaks showing because it's too thin at the edge. I am at my wits' end. Have watched you experts, have read so many instructions....why can't I get this right????????? Thanks!  
Is there a way we as individual members/readers can delete these spurious posts?
Beautiful, AZCouture!  You really did go all out!  In fact, that's so pretty that I don't think I'll even post the ones I just made! Great work.  
That's a great idea, mezmeriize!!!!! Although my DGD's would really holler if they didn't have their "cake pillows" to feast on after I've leveled!
Tried my funky letters again yesterday.  Yes, adding Tylose to the fondant really helped.  As did letting it dry for a while first. As did rolling it on Crisco so the letters stuck to the board instead of the cutters. As did freezing them before trying to remove them from the board.  The plastic wrap method didn't work as well, but I want to try it again. Thanks to all of you, I may not throw the rest of these away - I can now see the possibilities..  
Thanks so much  - good to know what the "trends" are in the toddler cake arena!  @hbquik - I agree completely...these parties can be totally out of control. Personally, I never heard of a smash cake until we moved south to Georgia 12 years ago from Ohio. Our DGD's, ages 11 and 6, never had such a thing.
Thanks so much for all the hints...I think I threw away a couple of sets of these stinkin' things because I just CANNOT make them work...all the stupid letters do is stick and rip. But now, I think I'll go back and see if I still have a set or two and try these new methods. I've really been angry because they weren't cheap but have so far been nothing but trouble!
Thanks...I've usually made a 2 layer but have been thinking that's pretty silly when it's just going to be smashed up! I'd rather spend more time on the "real" cake!
How do most of you make a "smash" cake for a 1 year old - just a single layer or 2 layers filled? How much detail do you do for the decorations, if any... Thanks!
Thanks for th ideas...something cheesecake-y kind of strike my fancy.  Only need to do about 4 - 5 dozen, depending on how big they are.  
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